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Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins

Personally I love grabbing my laptop and heading into a local Cafe or Bakery, ordering a jumbo fresh muffin and a coffee and working in a little cozy corner for the afternoon! But sometimes we work from home too, and that's no reason to not still enjoy a delicious fresh muffin and coffee!

Bakery style, as in we're not aiming for a healthy muffin here, but these Blueberry Crumb muffins sure do hit the mark on delicious and fluffy!

You could also sub the blueberries for raspberries or even chopped up strawberries!

Great to freeze after baking and use for packing in lunches too! If taken out of the freezer in the morning and packed into a lunch, they'll thaw by lunch or afternoon pick me up!

My TOP tips to baking the best muffins

1- Do NOT overmix the batter! This will leave you with tough muffins! I like to mix with a spatula so you can gently and minimally fold the ingredients all together

1B- Creating a well in the center of the dry mix, then pour the mixed wet ingredients into that well will help with over mixing as well!

2- Always cook your muffins at a higher temperature, 400 degrees for the first 8 minutes or so, then turn it down to 375 to cook the remainder of the time. This allows the muffins to puff up and get light first, then finish cooking!


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Hi, I'm Mel!


I'm obsessed with developing amazing vegan food! 

Sharing what I've learned over the last 11+ years as a vegan chef and formerrestaurant owner.

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