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Balsamic Pesto Dressing

Summer in Canada calls for fresh, vibrant produce. I love taking advantage of all the wonderful local fruit, vegetables and herbs that allow my dishes to shine! This recipe especially has summer written all over it, with fresh basil being the star! If you’re looking for the perfect, vegan, easy-to-make dressing, look no further. I use this dressing on:

  • My Summer salads

  • My Vegan Chicken Pesto Sandwich

  • To use as the base for a vegan pizza!

  • As a delectable pasta sauce!

  • And as the perfect accompaniment to roasted or grilled veggies!

While we can technically make pesto all year-round, fresh Summer basil is really something special. Does anything beat the smell of fresh basil? I really don’t think so...

Okay, let’s get into it. This vegan pesto recipe is savoury, satisfying, herb-y, and the perfect amount of nutty. Most store-bought pestos are not vegan, as they usually contain some type of cheese. So not necessary! We replace the cheese in this recipe with cashews and the ever so reliable nutritional yeast (nooch!)

The only piece of equipment you’ll need is a food processor (my personal preference), or a blender!


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