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Best, Easy Homemade Granola

There are so many store bought and homemade granola recipes out there. This is mine, and was the Granola we made and used at the former GYR Vegan restaurant.

Everyone has their own granola preferences, and that’s the beauty of this recipe - you can really adapt it to what you prefer and what you taste. Love dried fruit in your granola? Throw it in. Love a certain seed? Toss it in there. Filling your granola with ingredients you love is key.

I do have one secret ingredient that I know is key to a great, satisfying granola - real maple syrup. The beautiful unique sweetness from maple syrup is what makes good granola great. Plus, I’m Canadian, and maple syrup in everything is a rite of passage, right?

If there's one thing I recommend keeping true to this recipe, it's the coconut chunks! They really create a delicious, healthy crunch in the granola!

This recipe makes a decent batch to last a week or two (depending on how much you eat!)

Obviously you have to try my Coconut Yoghurt recipe too for the ultimate yoghurt parfait (link to yoghurt recipe)

Your house is about to smell AMAZING! Enjoy!


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