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Best Vegan (Tofu) Egg Salad

You’ll never need chicken eggs again to make the absolute best, (Tofu) ‘Egg’ salad sandwiches!

I use to make this 'egg' salad for caterings up to 400 people and it was always one of the first to disappear with non vegans and vegans!

This is full of flavor from GYR Egg Seasoning and added crunch with relish or pickles & fresh peppers! Best topped with fresh, locally baked bread, leaf lettuce, cucumber slices and cracked pepper! Also delicious scooped onto salads for extra protein!

Make this on Sunday meal prep and enjoy all week! Keeps in the fridge for 5 days \


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Hi, I'm Mel!


I'm obsessed with developing amazing vegan food! 

Sharing what I've learned over the last 11+ years as a vegan chef and formerrestaurant owner.

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