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Big Ol' Club Sandwich

Big, bold, delicious & of course, vegan. This is the Big Ol' Club Sammy. Served at the former vegan restaurant Grow Your Roots, this is a fun, delicious menu item to bring to your home table!

This Big Ol’ Club Sandwich is so much better than the non-vegan version. Yup, I said that. Instead of processed deli meats and bacon, this sandwich is filled with gorgeous marinated tempeh bacon (it has its own fan club), and delicious marinated, crispy, chicken-inspired tofu. It’s full of wonderful plant-based textures and flavours. It’s filling, comforting and satisfying (even for a meat eater!)

This recipe is:

- Satisfying

- Meat-lover approved

- Crispy from the Tempeh Bacon and Tofu

- Unbelievably delicious

- And obviously, 100% vegan!

Mmm… Tempeh Bacon and Crispy Tofu, accompanied by vegan mayo, avocado, lettuce and tempeh, creates an unreal towering sandwich.

As always, I recommend preparing the marinade the day before and letting the tofu marinate overnight or at least 6-8 hours for ultimate deliciousness.


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