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French Apple Custard Pie

Creamy, unique, not too sweet and filled with soft slices of baked local apples. Perfect for your Thanksgiving Holiday table, whether you're vegan or not! The filling is completely gluten free vegan as well so you just have to swap the crust for a gluten free one if needed!

I was inspired by a classic French Apple Custard Pie I saw a little while ago and knew I had to veganize this! I relied on my trusty silken tofu to replace the eggs and oat cream to add in the richness! I used the Earth's Own coffee cream as well as tested it with the cooking cream version made by Earth's Own brand for this recipe and it worked perfectly. I always find it in the health food section at

Independent/Loblaws/Superstores. I believe most health food stores also carry it in the vegan section! I always find Silken tofu at bulkbarn stores, as well as local health food stores! The Mori-nu brand is my go to and it's a shelf stable product so you wont find it in the fridge isle. Sometimes regular grocery stores will also sell refrigerated silken tofu in with the other tofu, so you can check there too!

For apples I tried this with Ontario Royal Gala as well as honey crispy and liked it with both!

I think this pie will definitely become a yearly tradition at holidays and is a nice switch up for a traditional double crust apple pie or apple crisp! It's also pretty quick and easy to put together and is easier than a double crust apple pie and even easier than an apple crisp! Bonus!

Hope you love it and it becomes a tradition at your table on holidays too!


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Hi, I'm Mel!


I'm obsessed with developing amazing vegan food! 

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