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Oat Fudge Bars

Chewy, ooey, gooey, chocolatey, perfect...and as always, 100% vegan. If you're looking for a healthy dessert, you've come to the wrong place my friends. But, if you're looking for an unreal vegan dessert, you've found it!

These were originally inspired by the Oat Fudge bars that Starbucks sells. When making fudge or fudgey desserts, often Condensed Dairy Milk is used. Lucky for us plant based folks, there are now Vegan Condensed milks available made from Coconut.

If you're wondering where to purchase the Condensed Canned Coconut Milk, you can find it in Bulk Barn Stores, health food grocery stores, as well as some grocery stores in the health food section. And if you still can't find locally, you can also get it on Amazon. The brand I've used is called Natures Charm.

You'll need a stand mixer or hand mixer for this recipe and a 9x13 baking pan. They make 12 large squares and they freeze perfectly if you want to save half for another day!

Resist the urge to cut into them right after the oven and let them cool completely and refrigerate for an hour so they firm up fully before cutting into. This will help them hold their shape and the chocolate and condensed milk need to set by cooling down.

I take no responsibility for how many you eat ;) hehe


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