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Perfect Garden Salad

Everyone needs a good, classic Garden (House) salad recipe in their back pocket. This one is mine and I pair it with a beautiful Maple Balsamic dressing. This dressing lasts a few weeks in the fridge so you can enjoy it with any salad to get your greens in!

Really you can add in whatever veggies you love most, but this is how I make it and how it was served at the restaurant as well.

These quantities are vague, just because I think you should make whatever size of salad you want! The amounts of veggies and lettuce suggested will make roughly one large salad or two small size salads

If you adjust the veggies to your liking I would recommend at least keeping in the roasted sweet potato. They're basically the best part about the salad. That's if any make it from the pan to the salad because you'll be snacking on all of them non stop!

It also goes really well with sliced Tempeh bacon to add some extra nutrition to it for a complete meal!

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