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Pumpkin Sage Risotto

We can't forget about the savory pumpkin recipes for fall and winter!

The first time I ever had Risotto was at a local restaurant and they had a vegan Wild Mushroom Risotto on their weekly special. Now I actually am not at all a fan of mushrooms, but decided to give it a try anyways because I knew the owner and chef of the restaurant was extremely talented and knew what he was doing in his dishes, plus there was no other vegan option!!

It was amazing! Despite not liking mushrooms it was beautifully done and I was completely inspired to give Risotto a try on my own!

Since then, I've made many Risottos both at home and in my former vegan restaurant!

This one has lots of flavor from the sage and Pumpkin and is full of fiber and good stuff from the kale and pumpkin as well!

Risotto takes a little extra care and attention than just cooking regular rice, but I promise it's worth the extra creaminess (without the cream!), plus you get to cook with wine!

If you want to opt out of cooking with wine, you can also replace the wine with more vegetable stock and a Tablespoon of lemon juice!

Happy Cooking!

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