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Vegan Crispy Rice Treats

I can very clearly remember my mom making these very often in our home when I was younger. I don't think I had eaten any since going vegan almost ten years ago, or maybe even longer? Anyways, I forgot just how yummy they are, and how simple they are to make! I wanted to do something fun, but simple for Halloween and these Crispy Rice treats are just the ticket!

I went all out and used melted semi-sweet chocolate chips, food colouring and some vegan buttercream icing to decorate them, but you could also keep it super simple and just cut them into fun shapes with no extra decorations or put them into a pan and simply cut them into squares!

They can also be made gluten free easily by using gluten free Crispy cereal! I just used the PC brand of Crispy Rice cereal!

Regarding the marshmallows, I used the Dandys brand, which are a vegan brand and can be found in most Loblaws/Independent's, natural food grocery stores and Bulk Barn!


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Hi, I'm Mel!


I'm obsessed with developing amazing vegan food! 

Sharing what I've learned over the last 11+ years as a vegan chef and formerrestaurant owner.

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