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Tex Mex Pasta Casserole

Another easy weeknight meal to add to your roster! This Casserole combines all my favorite taco items into one, easy to prepare casserole! It's creamy thanks to vegan cheese and a little plant milk, and still has a little bit of veggies and some added benefits from delicious black beans.

Easy to make gluten free by subbing gf Penne Pasta! It has a little crunch on top thanks to tortilla chips and served with a dollop of vegan sour cream and green onions, or cilantro if you have it!

Be sure to cook your pasta *just to Al Dente, that way it doesn't get too soft on you when baking in the oven. Other than that it's a case of adding everything into your casserole dish, sprinkling some toppings on top and baking!

I've also learned when baking casseroles that suggest covering them in the oven with tinfoil can also be baked by putting a cookie baking sheet on top instead, less waste not having to use tinfoil!

For this casserole I used Violife Shredded Cheddar, but also like the Farmboy brand too. For vegan sour cream, use the PC Brand or Tofutti brand!

The tortilla chips do loose their crunch after it's been cooler, but it's also still an awesome leftover dish or something to prep on Sundays for weekday lunches. You could also remove the tortilla chips and only add them once you've reheated it for your lunches/leftovers.

Enjoy my friends!


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