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The Mel's Fav Panino

Since the beginning of GYR Restaurant in 2016 this aptly named sandwich was our number 2 seller! Number 1 was the Loaded TLT ! This Panino is simple, but the flavors pair so perfectly together that it makes an amazing sandwich, whether you're vegan or not.

If you ever enjoyed one of our paninis at the restaurant, than you know that the Focaccia it was prepared on really made the sandwich. We bought our Focaccia from the amazing Nat's Bread Co. in Ottawa. Lucky for you, YOU can now order some to make your perfect Panino too here . Their Focaccia is vegan, as is a lot of their incredible breads. I highly recommend the sourdough and the wholegrain breads!

Now, the recipe below does not include the Cashew Mozzarella we made at Grow Your Roots (the restaurant), however it's equally delicious with any meltable Vegan Mozzarella. I'd recommend getting locally made Mad Faux Cheese Mozz if you can for it! It's very similar to what we use to make!

There are four important elements that make the Mel's Fav delicious.

1- The Caramelized onions *drool*

2- The Cheese, duh! It must be Mozzarella style!

3- The Rosemary Garlic Mayo

4- The fresh, pillowy Focaccia - don't forget to order it here

Additional Notes

*It's okay if you don't have a Panini grill at home! You can make a Panino in a pan too! I'll give the instructions to do this below

*If you want to up your Mel's fav game, add some roasted sweet potatoes to it ;) Get the recipe for those, here


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