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Vegan Ground 'Beef' Substitute

My goodness, there are a lot of vegan Beef substitutes out there these days! Some are great, some are weird, some not too great for you and many are expensive!

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed many of them on different occasions, but I honestly always come back to my homemade version. Not only is it super affordable to make, but it's so so simple and versatile.

Let's talk Textured Vegetable Protein, aka TVP.

Simply put TVP is a product of soybeans, and is a dehydrated food made from the process of making soybean oil. It's a great complete plant based protein. If you want a little more information on its nutrition you can read more about it here

This is a basic recipe for plain, ground 'beef', and can be used in tacos by adding some taco seasoning, used in tomato sauce for bolognese and really anywhere you would want to substitute beef!

Use it to make my delicious vegan meatballs with this recipe

You can also make this recipe up to four days ahead of when you'd like to use it so it's a great food for meal prepping.

Where to buy TVP?

A lot of grocery stores are starting to carry TVP now and all of the health food stores have it now too; however, my favourite place to buy it is Bulk Barn (Ontario Canada). You can get a pretty big bag of it for less than $15 and it will last you probably a couple months!

It's a shelf stable item so you can stock up and keep it in the pantry.

I hope you love this vegan ground beef substitute recipe and try it out in many of your favourite family meals!


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