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My Kitchen Essentials

With years of kitchen experience, comes tried and true product recommendations. These are the kitchen essentials I actually use, love and would recommend to any home chef, no matter your skill level! 

Food Preparation


Food Processor

This is the exact food processor I use. It's reliable, efficient and high-quality. It's great for making pesto, blended soups, nut butters, and so much more.


Mini-Prep Food Processor

This is another great food processor I recommend. It's a great affordable option, and perfectly adequate for less intense processing. It's perfect for making Cashew Parmesan Cheese!


Kitchen-Aid Mixer

If you want to step up your home baking game, this is a worthwhile investment! I use it for doughs, baked goods, icings, breads, and so much more. It's not cheap, but it's worth the price tag!


Kitchen-Aid Power Hand Mixer

Another kitchen essential! I use this hand mixer for making cookies and whipping up icing! I mean, we all must have memories of licking these beaters a kid, right?


Silicone Mats

These eco-friendly, non-stick baking mats can be used again and again, eliminating the need for extra butter or oil  or the waste of using parchment paper and foil.


Tapered Rim Cookie Sheet

Every home baker needs a quality cookie sheet! You will use it time and time again, so invest some great ones. I highly recommend these ones. Bonus, they're Canadian-made!


My Favourite Baking Pan

My favourite baking pan! I love this brand for my baking pans, since all the pans are available in a sweet pop of colour. My favourite is this gold one, or pretty rose gold one.


The Perfect Spatula

An essential for baking! This medium-sized spatula is perfect for stirring and scraping batters and sauces. There's a lot of bad kitchen utensils out there, but this is not one of them!


My Kitchen Scale

Whether it's for the perfect cup of coffee, or to get your baking just right, a kitchen scale is seriously useful! This is the one I use and I think it's great - it's affordable but reliable!

My Pantry Staples


True Lemon Shaker

An absolute MUST if you want to recreate my Famous Punch Fries


True Lemon Shaker

The only Silken Tofu I'll buy!


Liquid Smoke

A true vegan essential in my opinion! Great for tempeh bacon adding smokey flavour to any vegan dishes.


Agar Agar Powder

An essential for my vegan yogurt!


Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Entirely vegan, this Worcestershire sauce has become a true staple in my cooking. Great for sauces, gravies and so much more.


Coconut Milk

The only coconut milk that produces the best homemade vegan yogurt. It's also entirely cruelty-free (no forced monkey labour like other brands,

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