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Easy Vegan 'Drop' Biscuits

Do we ever tire of a good biscuit though? That was a rhetorical question. The answer is no. However, sometimes you just don't have the time or energy to be cutting in cold butter and rolling out dough to enjoy a delicious soft but crispy on the outside biscuit. Enters the drop biscuit! Instead of cutting in perfectly chilled butter, we use cooled, melted vegan butter that creates a softer dough that needs to be scooped...hence, 'drop' biscuit. Because you aren’t rolling any dough for these, you can actually add less flour than what's used for traditional ones, which actually leads to more tender biscuits.

I've got two variations for you; a herbed cheddar version, and a lemon blueberry (or raspberry). Both delicious, but don't you stop there, get in the kitchen and you try out your own variations too!

A very important note when making any variation of this biscuit, because we're using melted butter in this recipe, you must make sure that you immediately put the biscuits into the oven as soon as you've made the dough and scooped it onto the pan. Otherwise they will sink too quickly on you! So be sure you've preheated your oven before beginning to prepare.

Lastly, always gently fold in your wet to the dry mix. You want to be sure to not overmix when it comes to making this dough.

These are best enjoyed fresh from the oven, but if you do have leftover for the following day, reheat them in the oven to get those crisp edges back.

How to store Vegan Drop Boscuits

Biscuits truly are the best the day they're baked. But of course it's pretty likely you won't eat all 6 in the first day (though no judgement if you do 😉)

They will keep for three days, so to reheat them I suggest warming them up right on the oven rack at 375 for 5 minutes or so, or, slice them in half and pop them in the toaster (if you have a wider toaster slot)

If you want to freeze half, simply let them cool completely and freeze in a freezer bag or airtight container. I would suggest not freezing then any longer than 1 month.

To store them from fresh, keep them in an airtight container or ziploc bag in the fridge.


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