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Cheesey Garlic Quick Bread

I mean, who doesn't love a freshly baked load of bread from the oven!? But also, who has time to make bread from scratch these days? Making bread from scratch is an art, and it's a process. It's worth it don't get me wrong, but I just can't seem to find myself setting aside a couple hours to make anymore!

Que Quick Bread! This 'loaf' is made without any yeast or rising time, instead we use good ol' baking powder and soda to help rise and most importantly COLD vegan butter! It's important that the butter in this bread is cold because it's what gives us a fluffy texture. This 'bread' is more like a cross between bread and a biscuit, and we add garlic and some spices to really amp it up...have I sold you on this recipe yet!?

Half way through baking we also score the bread, this turns it into an easy pull-apart situation, so go out your favourite dip because you're about to do some dunkin'!

Okay, enough talking, get baking! And if you're looking for my tips on the best vegan butter to use or other ingredients, find that here


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