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CopyCat Farmboy Edamame Kale Dip

If you live in the Ottawa or even Toronto outskirts area, chances are that you've tried a few or many things from the Farmboy menu! They've really nailed it when it comes to vegan options for their hot bar, salad bar and their pre-made selection of foods. Did you know they even have vegan cookies and pastries in their bakery section now!?

Anyways, my brother a couple years ago introduced me to their Spicy Edamame Dip, or as they call it "Eda-Yummy Kale Dip". It's fresh tasting with a unique texture, from the kale of course and simple but delicious. But it can also be easily made at home, which I recently discovered when I was craving it a couple weeks back. I could have easily gone into the store to get it, but with two newborn twins and a toddler under two, that's much easier said than done these days!

Now, to my surprise, the Farmboy dip does not have beans in it. I assumed it did, given that it had a creamy element to it. Which I'm now guessing comes from emulsifying the canola oil that they put in it. My version however, uses white beans to give it a creamy, and in my opinion, better texture. It also adds even more nutrition to it so it's a double win!! We also use olive oil instead of canola oil and you can easily sub out frozen or fresh spinach instead of kale if that's what you have on hand!

Get your food processor out and head to the grocery store to get the ingredients for this dip because it's about to become a homemade regular in your fridge. Add it to avocado toast, slather on crackers or veggies, or hell, eat it straight up out of the bowl if you want, I'm not judging!

This makes a decent size batch so if you want, you can freeze half, but I'm betting that won't be necessary!


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