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Saucey Double Cheese Burgers

Serving up a Big Mac (except waaaay better) vibe with this new burger creation. It’s meaty, satisfying, and it features an ooey-gooey cheese surprise in the centre!

It’s a satisfying meaty veggie burger, filled with cheese inside the patty, then topped with cheese. The cheese (both inside and on top) will melt during the cooking process, and the end result is melted cheese perfection. And of course, no good burger is complete without a delicious burger sauce! This sauce is creamy and tangy (think Big Mac Sauce except a million times better haha)

I’m not sure if it’s a Canadian thing, but burgers are the go-to Summer food in my opinion. They are the ultimate comfort meal at the cottage, while camping, on a patio, you name it.

And when it comes to veggie burgers, you don’t have to sacrifice any satisfaction. Gone are the days where bland, boring veggie burgers ruled the narrative. Nope, veggie burgers are ruling the world. Whether you’re into a mock-meat burger, a lentil or bean-filled patty, or something somewhere in between, we all have a high standard now for what a veggie burger can be, and we expect nothing less!

For this recipe, I use the famous GYR Burger Mix. (link This mix makes it so easy to put this recipe together in no time, and it makes adding ingredients into the patty easy peasy.

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I cannot wait to make these!

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