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Easy Carrot Lox Bagels with Cashew Cream Cheese

You may have had the non vegan version of this, which is made with marinated, smoked Salmon/Lox. However, we can achieve a similar silky smooth "salmon", aka Carrot, by boiling the carrot in some yummy flavours that pairs really well with a simple Cashew Cream cheese and of course, fresh dill & capers.

And you may not believe me yet, but I promise you, this will satisfy you for any smoked salmon bagel craving that comes your way. I love this recipe for Carrot Lox because it’s fairly easy to prepare, it’s reminiscent of salmon lox, and it’s a lot more ocean-friendly than farmed or wild caught salmon.

The final Carrot Lox is fishy (in a great way), savoury and satisfying. I pair it with my homemade Cashew Cream Cheese. This cashew-based spread is creamy, savoury and a little bit tangy - just like cream cheese should be.

If you make this recipe, I HIGHLY recommend making my homemade Vegan Bagels to pair with it. The difference between store bought bagels and homemade, fresh ones is night and day!

The seaweed in this recipe only gives the very slightest "fishy" or "oceany" taste to the carrot. You can always omit it from the recipe if you don't like it!

Make this beautiful duo of Carrot Lox and Cashew Cream Cheese for your next brunch! It plates beautifully, is great for a crowd, and it’s seriously so delicious.


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