Punchy Fries

GYR vegan restaurant just wouldn't have been the same without them! The day before the Grand opening of GYR in 2016, one of my chefs, and also very good friends, Wendy was telling me about these fries she had had at another restaurant. That they were garlicky and had Parmesan cheese (not vegan). I said, well we can have those too! I can make those vegan! So we tried them out using my Cashew Parmesan, sea salt, Parsley, lemon and then made a delicious Lemon Garlic Mayo dip to go with them. Immediately after trying them we decided to put them on the menu indefinitely. We called them Punchy Fries because it was a fun way to describe the punch of flavor the lemon has with the French fries. I'm so glad we did because the word spread FAST about the Punchy Fries and it ended up bringing us a lot of non vegans into the restaurant that may not have otherwise come in. Assumedly because they were too "afraid" of "vegan food" or didn't think they were into 'Vegan" food. Boy did we change their minds! whoo hoo!

So now it's your turn to toss up some delicious famous Punchy Fries at home! Our fries were always freshly cut and deep fried, but I realize not everyone has a deep fryer at home. Alternatively you could buy frozen fries and bake them. Most brands are vegan.

The dip for the fries can be made a head of time too and is great for sandwiches or other 'dipping' as well. This makes enough for the serving of fries in this recipe, but you could also double or triple it so you have some in the fridge for whenever you want a little Punchy Mayo!

Punchy Fries

Makes 1 appetizer size for 1-2people

Prep time 20 minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes


For the Fries (if deep frying)

- 2 large Russet Potatoes, washed (I leave mine unpeeled)

- Deep fryer & oil


- Use frozen fries and bake according to the instructions

For Tossing the fries

- 1 Tbsp of fresh parsley, chopped

- 1-2 shakes of True Lemon crystalized lemon, find it here

- Sea salt

- Sprinkle of Cashew Parmesan + more once plated

For the Lemon Garlic Mayo

- 3/4 cup of Vegennaise Vegan Mayo ( this is my personal favourite brand)

- 1/8 tsp of ground black pepper

- 1 1/4 tsp of granulated garlic

- 1 1/4 tsp of fresh lemon juice

- Zest from half of a lemon


- If you're using a deep fryer follow these steps

- Cut your russet potatoes into fry shapes. Then, transfer them into a medium size bowl, cover with water and let sit in the fridge covered while you prepare everything else

- Then, make the mayo so it can sit and mingle while you're doing the rest of the steps. In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients together well. That's it! Set aside in the fridge covered until you're ready to serve ! (this lasts in the fridge for a few weeks)

- On a cutting board, prepare all of your punchy fry toppings (sea salt, true lemon, parsley & cashew parm) and get out a large bowl so you can toss everything together

- Heat your oil to 300 degrees (again, if you're deep frying)

(- If you're doing frozen fries, bake them now according the the package instructions that everything else is ready to go )

- Once your deep fryer oil has been heated, drain out all of the water from the fries using a colander

- Then, Being careful not to splash yourself! --- Drop your fries into the fryer basket and cook for about 3 minutes or just until they are not hard anymore. This is called Blanching! They will have the very slighted bit of golden colour to them

- Remove the fries from the oil and let them cool about 10 minutes, you don't have to remove them from the fry basket to do this, then turn the oil up to 360 degrees

- Once they've sat and the oil has had a chance to heat up to 360, drop the fries down again and cook them until golden and perfectly crispy (about 4 minutes or longer depending how crispy you like them!)

- Once they're done, transfer from the fry basket into your large bowl and sprinkle on all of the Punchy Fry toppings (in no particular order)

*If you are doing baked fries, you'll do this step once they're done baking, transfer right from the baking tray to the bowl for tossing

- Toss well, then serve onto a plate alongside the Lemon Garlic Mayo ! ENJOY!!!!

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